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Screenings - “Love Separated in Life…Love Reunited in Honor” is a 15-minute short award-winning documentary that has been screened at film festivals across the nation and in Durban, South Africa.  It is available for corporate, community and civic groups to screen interested in 

U.S. History, Vietnamese History, Racial Reconciliation; Cultural Exchange, and themes.  A lesson/activity plan is available for post screening discussions.  “Picture This” gives the audience an outline of how to discover personal and family history along with information on how to deal with sensitive findings.

Honor Guard Program - Utilizing “Love Separated in Life…Love Reunited in Honor,” youth, transitioning adults and seniors learn about communications, history, cultural exchange, love and war contingent with the themes of the film and become presenters.  Upon completion of the training, each Honor Guard, an ambassador for the program, is required to set up three screenings of the film with community organizations such as senior citizens’ homes, schools, fraternities,  sororities, civic groups and others.  Honor Guard trainees will receive paid stipends as they develop communication skills, confidence, audience development, production, knowledge about event planning and more.

Help Mama Africa Campaign -There are three South African based organizations that benefit from funding as it is raised via “Love Reunited:” 


The Malibongwe Senior Citizen Center created by Rona Dunn, the widow of an Apartheid fighting civil rights lawyer, the programs are dedicated to ensure that older citizens remain active and productive in Wenthworth, one of Durban’s most underserved communities.  The center has been featured in South African media as shown in Wright Enterprises Community Spotlight San Francisco ~ Dallas:



The Kunene Foundation -dedicated to the preservation of the writings of Masizi Kunene, a UCLA professor who became South Africa’s first poet laureate in the administration of President Nelson Mandela. His work is written in the Zulu language, doing against the grain of most African writers, who wrote in European languages and not their native tongue.  Mrs. Mathabo Kunene has worked tirelessly developing cultural exchange opportunities for the development of economic empowerment as described in her appearance at the California African American Chamber Ron Brown Economic Summit: and Mrs. Kunene’s work with South African Black Female Vintners and San Diego wine entrepreneurs :

The Kwazulu Natal African Film Festival (KAFF) based at KCAP, Ekhaya Multi Arts Centre, a creative home for creative people - initiated and built by Edmund Mhlongo to creatively advance education, cultural empowerment, and the evolution of the arts.  The Ekhaya Multi Arts Centre was the first location of the screening of “Love Separated in Life…Love Reunited in Honor” during the Kwazulu Natal African Film Festival.  Translating the film into Zulu is a project that is underway along with efforts for cultural exchange between the festival and the Oakland International Film Festival and the San Francisco Black Film Festival in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Some media highlights include: New Orleans Trade Ambassador Visits KCAP Festival: and a feature of Edmund Mhlongo in Wright Enterprises Community Spotlight San Francisco ~ Dallas:

Each of the programs are platforms for cultural exchange and economic empowerment through social services and the arts. 

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